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In-depth articles meant to serve as a resource for practitioners researchers, and early-career hematologists.

Concise reviews of hematology-related journal articles by Members of the Board of Contributing Editors. Articles of interest are gleaned from the world literature with a goal of keeping readers informed of high-impact developments both in clinical and basic research.

Ask The Hematologist
Expert opinion focused on challenging diagnostic and management issues.

Mini Review
A concise review of a topic that illustrates the relationship of basic research to clinical hematology.

Clinical Trials Corner
Insightful critiques and informed commentary of important ongoing clinical trials.

Brief memoirs written by respected members of the Society recounting inspiring careers in hematology.

President's Column
An update from the ASH president about Society initiatives and events.

Op Ed
Invited opinion pieces written by leaders of the hematology community.

Year's Best
Thoughtful commentaries on several of the most meaningful hematologic breakthroughs of the year, written by editors of The Hematologist and selected guest experts.

Letters to the Editor
Letters written in response to editorials or on any subject of interest to our readers.

Image Challenge
Interactive quizzes that test readers' knowledge of different hematologic or related conditions.

News and Reports
Society news and updates.

In Memoriam
ASH members remember colleagues who have passed and commemorate their remarkable careers.

No Data Zone
Expert contributions spotlighting areas of hematology that lack data.

Program Genealogies
A thorough look at the history of impressive hematology programs at different institutions and how they have evolved.

Headlines From Washington
ASH members share their experiences doing advocacy work for the Society, patients, and the field of hematology.

Off the Shelf
Personal essays on books that have provided a new perspective for hematologists' clinical and research work.

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