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Reflections on the Reticulocyte Count: The Importance of a “Complete” Blood Count

Dr. Marshall A. Lichtman presents the history and significance of reticulocyte counts and why it is so important to any complete blood count.

The ASH Subcommittee on Clinical Trials: A Focus on Improving Clinical Trial Options for Hematology Patients

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Laura Michaelis interviews chair and vice-chair of the ASH Subcommittee on Clinical Trials Dr. Alan Mast and Dr. Greg Nowakowski on ways in which ASH can support the growing need for more innovation in clinical trial design, including enhancing and growing the enrollment of people from under-represented populations.

Daratumumab and Lenalidomide Maintenance Guided by Minimal Residual Disease in Multiple Myeloma

Drs. Saad Usmani and Binod Dhakal provide commentary on a study of daratumumab plus lenalidomide or lenalidomide as post-autologous stem cell transplant maintenance therapy in patients with multiple myeloma using minimal residual disease to direct therapy duration.

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