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Cookie Policy

Last Revised: May 24, 2018


Thank you for your interest in how ASH uses cookies on our Sites. We have provided this Cookie Policy to provide you with transparency so you can make informed choices about how your personal data in the form of your internet protocol address is tracked utilizing cookies by ASH and other third parties. This Cookie Policy explains how your personal data is shared and analyzed by our third-party vendor service providers to improve the performance and user satisfaction of our Sites, to help those Sites function properly for your use and convenience, to enable third-party advertisers to serve you ads, to provide you with other content that is optimized for you based upon your use of the Sites, and your ability to share such content on social media.

Identification of Individuals to Contact at ASH regarding questions concerning Cookies

We hope that this Cookie Policy helps you understand and provides a good explanation for our use of cookies on the Sites. If after reviewing this policy you have any further questions for us, require assistance or have requests based upon the information provide here, please contact us at

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small physical data files that are automatically placed on to your computer’s browser as you navigate the web. Cookies can provide a great deal of insight into your activity and preferences, and in some cases can be used to identify you. For this reason we want to provide as much information to you about the cookies we use and how we manage cookies when you provide us with your consent. Your consent enables us to use cookies to track your activity across our Sites in order to accomplish the objectives outlined in this Cookie Policy.

Visiting our Sites

This Cookie Policy shall apply to the following ASH domains:,, and (the “Sites’)

Description of the General Categories of Cookies Used on the Sites:

Necessary: Necessary cookies are essential to the functionality of the Sites in order to facilitate your use of the Sites and its features and in order to enable you to move around the Sites smoothly. Without these cookies, we may not be able to provide certain services or features, and the Sites will not properly function. Unfortunately, these cookies cannot be disabled or modified, which is why we refer to these as necessary.

Preferences: In some circumstances, we may use functionality cookies which we describe as “Preferences” cookies. The cookies allow us to remember the choices you make while browsing the Sites, and to provide enhanced and more personalized content and features, such as customizing a certain webpage, remembering if we have asked you to participate in a promotion and for other services you request, like watching a video or commenting on a blog. In order to permit your connection to the Sites, our servers receive and record information about your computer, device, and browser, including your IP address, browser type, and other software or hardware information. If you access the Sites from a mobile or other device, we may collect a unique device identifier assigned to that device ("UDID"), geolocation data, or other transactional information for that device. All of these features help us to improve your visit to the Site.

Statistics and Analytics: We and our third-party vendor service providers may use analytics cookies, which are sometimes called performance or analytics cookies, to collect information about your use of the Sites and enable us to improve the way it works and prepare statistical analysis of such analytics. Analytics cookies collect information about how you use the Sites, for instance, which pages you go to most. The information allows us to see the overall patterns of usage on the Sites, help us record any difficulties you have with the Sites, and show us whether our advertising is effective or not.

Marketing: We and our third-party vendor partners may use advertising cookies to deliver ads that we believe are more relevant to you and your interests on our Sites and other sites. For example, we may use targeting or advertising cookies to customize the advertising and content you receive on our Sites, to limit the number of times you see the same ad on our Sites, and to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These cookies remember what you have looked at on the Sites and other sites, and may be combined with other information acquired from third parties, and we may share this information with other organizations, such as advertisers, in order the best determine how to drive content to you that you may find useful based upon your browsing experience. Within the category of marketing, we also include social plug-in tracking cookies that can be used to track both members and non-members of social networks for "additional" purposes such as behavioral advertising, analytics, and market research.

For more information about targeting and advertising cookies and how you can opt out, visit:

How Do Third Parties Use Cookies on Our Sites in Connection With Our Services?

In some circumstances, we may work with third parties to provide services on our Sites. For example, we use analytics services supported by third-party companies who generate analytics cookies on our behalf. We may not have access to these or remove third-party cookies, although we may use statistical information arising from the cookies provided by these third parties to customize content and for the other purposes described above. These companies may also transfer this information to other parties where required to do so by law, or where such other parties process the information on their behalf.

Third-party advertisers and other organizations may also use their own cookies to collect information about your activities on our Site and/or the advertisements you have clicked on. This information, which may be combined with other information acquired from third parties, may be used by them to serve advertisements on our Sites and third party sites that they believe are most likely to be of interest to you based on content you have viewed.

Third-party advertisers may also use this information to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to track aggregate usage statistics.

We may not control these third-party cookies and their use may be governed by the privacy policies of the third parties employing these cookies.

How Can You Further Control Cookies on the Sites?

You may outright refuse to accept cookies from the Sites at any time by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse cookies. Further information about the procedure to follow in order to disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. You may wish to refer to for information on commonly used browsers.
Please note that by disabling or blocking any or all cookies, some features of the Sites may not operate as intended, or you may not have access to features or personalization available through the Site. Analytics cookies can also be managed via the following link: Google Analytics:

Changes and Revisions to This Cookie Policy

Please take a look at the Last Revised date at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Any changes in this Cookie Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookie Policy available on or through the Site.

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