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Editor Search Announcement for Hematology: the ASH Education Program


The American Society of Hematology is in the initial stage of the selection process for the next Executive Editor of Hematology: The ASH Education Program (term: 2022–2024).

Candidates with an MD, MD/PhD, or equivalent should demonstrate a broad and comprehensive knowledge of translational research and clinical investigation in hematology and its subspecialty areas; a distinguished research and publication record; high standing among peers; and proven editing, writing, and reviewing skills.

There are responsibilities throughout the year, but the majority of the required duties occur between May and September. An honorarium will be provided.

Members of ASH are encouraged to submit a brief statement of intent if they are interested in the position or provide the name of a potential candidate. Nominations should be accompanied by a description of the candidate’s editorial experience and a short, informal endorsement. Nominations must be received on or before April 29, 2021.

Please submit nominations via e-mail to:

Editor Search Committee
Hematology: The ASH Education Program

Hematology Executive Editor Position Description

Hematology: The ASH Education Program has been published for the last 37 years. It is a peer-reviewed collection of 80–100 articles, including 6-8 evidence-based mini-reviews, written by the ASH annual meeting Education Program speakers and the Ham-Wasserman Lecturer, and delivered to all ASH annual meeting participants and members every year. The periodical provides an updated and comprehensive review of each of the topics covered in the annual meeting Education Program sessions.

Hematology provides practicing hematologists with invaluable information on the most important areas of clinical progress. The reviews showcase groundbreaking advances and new concepts in approximately 30 different fields.

Hematology has an excellent reputation and is very highly regarded by hematologists around the world. It is published annually and indexed in Medline and in many other sources; the Impact Factor is 3.0; the content is published in conjunction with the start of the ASH annual meeting and is immediately available for public access, the articles are deposited in a permanent online archive where past issues can be freely accessed.

Each issue of Hematology offers two online tests, Malignant and Non-Malignant, worth a total of 40 CME/MOC points. These tests may be purchased for an additional fee.

The Hematology Executive Editor will demonstrate editorial experience and broad expertise in the field of hematology. Managerial skills and a familiarity with technology are strongly encouraged, as well as the ability to work with invited authors to inspire them to submit on time. The Executive Editor’s term is three years; the ASH Executive Committee approves the candidate as recommended by the Editor Search Committee.

The responsibilities of the Executive Editor are as follows:

  • Ensure impartial, rapid, and efficient review of the submitted and revised papers and prompt editorial decisions for the Hematology: The ASH Education Program.
  • Select three deputy editors who complement Executive Editor’s expertise.
  • Work with deputy editors to divide editorial responsibilities along hematology expertise lines.
  • Work with Education Program Co-Chairs and session chairs to better define scope of papers as needed.
  • Make editorial decisions on approximately 30–40 papers (~12 pages in length) based on reviewers’ input and their own expertise.
  • Contact late authors as needed to answer questions and encourage submission.
  • Work with the deputy editors to review the multiple-choice questions.
  • Answer policy questions and settle disputes as needed.

Most of the Hematology Executive Editor’s responsibilities occur between May and August as papers are submitted and reviewed. A conference call with the deputy editors is held in early April, and additional calls are arranged as needed. ASH provides staff support to manage the peer review. Strict adherence to deadlines is required to meet production schedule that guarantees delivery of the publication in time for the ASH annual meeting.

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