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Blood Vessels, Thrombosis & Hemostasis (Blood VTH)  is a specialty journal that will publish high quality manuscripts focused on clinical and mechanistic aspects of normal and abnormal hemostasis and vascular function. These will include inherited and acquired bleeding and thrombotic disorders, including those involving platelets, as well as disorders involving the venous, arterial and microvasculature. We seek novel and innovative studies that will have a significant aspect on translational and basic science as well as clinical care.

With a long publishing history that exemplifies superior quality and reach, the Blood Journals portfolio, anchored by our high-impact flagship, Blood, is a natural home for research in specialty areas of hematology.

Users are encouraged to use up-to-date browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 when submitting a manuscript through eJournalPress.


Blood Vessels, Thrombosis & Hemostasis helps place your research within the reputable and highly visible Blood Journals portfolio. By publishing within these journals, you align your research with the long-trusted ASH and Blood brands.


  • ASH/Blood Portfolio Brand Visibility
  • Specialist Audience Reach
  • Fast Peer Review
  • Editors Are Experts in Your Area
  • Seamless Transfers
  • Speed to Publication
  • Open Science

ASH is the home for hematology. Long embraced by the hematology community, the Blood Journals are a sought-after platform for researchers to advance their work. Expansion gives more authors an opportunity to be published in a Blood journal.


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