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Editorial Board and Staff


Keith R. McCrae, M.D. 
Cleveland Clinic 
Cleveland, OH 

Editor Conflict of Interest Disclosures


Editorial & Publishing Office

Washington, DC

Chief Publications Officer - Nina Hoffman

Senior Director, Publications - Glenn G. Landis

Deputy Director, Publications - Keith T. Gigliello

Deputy Director, Editorial - Dax Rodulfa-Blemberg

Senior Manager, Marketing and Permissions, Publications - Patrick Baggott

Senior Manager, Production - Kenneth April

Senior Manager, Data Integrity–Publications - Joanna Robertson

Senior Manager, Digital Publications - Gwen Travis

Managing Editor, Blood Advances - Daniel B. Lambert

Managing Editor, Blood Vessels, Thrombosis & Hemostasis | Blood Neoplasia - Tiffany Clark

Graphics Project Manager, Publications Brian Cannon

Production ManagerTristan Coffelt

Manager, Annual Meeting Publications - Ebony Jones Williams

Peer Review Specialist - Helen I. Okeke

Publications Production Specialist - Sylvia Landis

Editorial and Social Media Coordinator - Beah Thompson

Editorial Coordinator - Jeremiah Murphy

Editorial Coordinator - Brenda Sidhe


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