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Manuscript Submission

Author membership in the American Society of Hematology is not a prerequisite for submission or publication in Blood Advances and is not taken into consideration during the peer review process.

All manuscripts must be submitted online through eJournalPress. Blood Advances does not accept submissions unless they are made online through this site.

If you have not used this website before, you must register a new user account using your desired e-mail address. Please note that this primary e-mail address is the only one that eJournalPress will use to identify you.

Before submitting your manuscript online, you should have the following information on hand:

  • Contact information for all co-authors, including a current functioning e-mail address for each. eJournalPress requires an accurate and functional e-mail address for each author. If an author is not accessible by e-mail (e.g., deceased or out of e-mail contact), this must be discussed with the editorial office prior to submission.
  • Abstract and manuscript files. Please be sure that your manuscript text document contains page numbers.
  • Related manuscript ID number(s) (e.g., ADVANCES/2016/123456) if this manuscript was previously submitted or if this submission is part of a companion group.
  • Cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • E-mail addresses of suggested reviewers, if any.
  • Mechanism for payment, with all information necessary to pay the submission fee on-line. Payment is required at submission for all Regular Articles, Exceptional Case Reports, Point-Counterpoint, and Review Articles.

Macintosh users are encouraged to use Safari or Mozilla Firefox instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the manuscript submission system.

Note that the submission process must be successfully completed before peer review can begin; a successful online submission is acknowledged by an e-mail to the corresponding author. That message will include the manuscript number, which needs to be cited in all correspondence to Blood Advances staff, both within and outside eJournalPress. Please note that you will have 30 days to complete submission of your manuscript. After 30 days all partial submissions are automatically deleted from the system.

Please note that upon successful submission of a manuscript, all coauthors receive an automated e-mail confirming the submission. Please make sure all authorship issues regarding inclusion/exclusion and authorship order are resolved prior to submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, all coauthors will be contacted again with instructions for providing their copyright transfer signatures online. Each coauthor will be required to register a user account in eJournalPress, which they will use to provide an electronic signature from the Author Area. Coauthors’ signatures may be received at any time after the initial submission of the manuscript, but they are not required for peer review. However, an accepted manuscript will not be published in Blood Advances until all signatures are received. See the online copyright transfer section below.

For additional questions regarding the submission process, please contact the Blood Advances Editorial Department.

Manuscript submission fee

A nonrefundable fee of $75 is due upon submission of Regular Articles, Exceptional Case Reports, Point-Counterpoint, and Review Articles. There is no submission fee for Blood Advances Talks (BATs), Commentaries, or Responses. The submission fee is waived automatically for manuscripts that cascade from Blood. If a fee is required, you will be asked to pay it online at the time of submission, using a credit card. Please note that purchase orders and bank wire transfers cannot be accepted for the processing fee.

Online copyright transfer

Blood Advances requires all authors of accepted manuscripts to provide electronic copyright transfer signatures or to document their status as an NIH or other U.S. federal employee and thus unable to transfer copyright. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, an e-mail will be sent to all coauthors with instructions for logging on to eJournalPress individually and providing their electronic signatures. Articles will not be published until all signatures are received via eJournalPress​.
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