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Health Services and Outcomes

Blood Advances welcomes submissions within the category of Health Services and Outcomes.

For presubmission inquiries related to this category, please contact the Blood Advances Editorial Department.

Health Services

Includes studies relating to:

  • Systems of health care as it relates to delivery of care, access to care and quality of care
  • Pragmatic clinical trials
  • Dissemination and implementation
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Economics of hematologic services (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit/cost-utility analysis, resource utilization, epidemiology of cost and delivery of care)
  • Health care policy informatics (telemedicine, computer decision support)

Health Outcomes

Includes studies relating to:
  • Patient centered outcomes research and quality of life (measurements, symptom management, and palliation)

Studies related to malignant and non-malignant conditions can be submitted under this category. Submissions on early phase clinical trials (phases 1-3) of drugs or therapeutic trials will be better served in other categories.

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