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What is Blood Advances First Edition?

Most accepted manuscripts are published quickly as Blood Advances First Edition articles. Following acceptance, journal staff will confirm the following.

  • All files necessary for production are present.
  • The submission complies with all journal policies.
  • All authors have completed the journal’s copyright transfer form. Each author receives an email request for this form when the article is accepted.

Once these steps are complete, the article is typically ready for First Edition publication. Blood Advances may delay First Edition publication temporarily for reasons such as promotional efforts (e.g., an American Society of Hematology press release). The corresponding author(s) will be notified if an article is being held for such a reason. Authors may also request a delay, but please notify journal staff as soon as possible to ensure that the request is processed for editorial consideration before the article is ready for First Edition publication.

First Edition articles are published as clean copies of the accepted draft of the article and may contain minor errors that will not be corrected until final publication. Supplemental files are included. The date of the First Edition publication is the official publication date of the article, but the final, copyedited version of the article will replace the First Edition version as the version of record.

Citing Blood Advances First Edition articles

Articles published to Blood Advances First Edition are indexed in PubMed and immediately citable. Below is an example of a citation in the journal’s own format.

Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, et al. Article Title [published online ahead of print Day Month Year]. Blood Advances. doi:10.1182/bloodadvances.xxxxxxxxxx.

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