• Compared with IVIG, eltrombopag was non-inferior and less costly for the perioperative management of adult patients with ITP.

  • Direct cost of the eltrombopag or IVIG was the main driver of overall cost for the perioperative management of ITP.

Eltrombopag has been shown to be non-inferior to intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for improving perioperative platelet counts in patients with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) in a randomized trial; thus, cost is an important factor for treatment and policy decisions. We used patient-level data from the trial to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing perioperative eltrombopag 50mg daily starting dose, with IVIG 1 or 2g/kg (according to local practice) from a Canadian public healthcare payer's perspective over the observation period, from preoperative day 21 to postoperative day 28. Resource utilization data were obtained from the trial data (eltrombopag, n=38; IVIG, n=36) and unit costs were collected from the Ontario Schedule of Benefits, Ontario Drug Formulary, and secondary sources. All costs were adjusted to 2020 Canadian dollars. We calculated the incremental cost per patient for all patients randomized. Uncertainty was addressed using non-parametric bootstrapping. The use of perioperative eltrombopag for patients with ITP resulted in a cost-saving of $413 Canadian dollars per patient. Compared with IVIG, the probability of eltrombopag being cost-effective was 70% even with zero willingness to pay. In a sensitivity analysis based on IVIG dose, we found that with the higher dose of IVIG (2g/kg), eltrombopag saved $2,714 per patient; whereas with the lower dose of IVIG (1g/kg), eltrombopag had a higher mean cost of $562 per patient. In summary, based on data from the randomized trial that demonstrated non-inferiority, the use of eltrombopag for the management of ITP in the perioperative setting was less costly than IVIG.

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