In the 10 years since the inauguration of Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357, >10 000 patients have been enrolled, including patients from every district in Egypt as well as other countries from the Middle East and North Africa region and from greater Africa.

Our future campus.

Our future campus.

DFBC/CCHE Pediatric Oncology Fellowship candidates.

DFBC/CCHE Pediatric Oncology Fellowship candidates.

Healthcare Sciences Academy 57357 is developing a national pediatric cancer program by designing comprehensive, integrated frameworks of care, building local human resource capacity through partnerships, and delivering equitable, rights-based care.

As a learning organization, we strengthen the internal capacities of our workforces through international twinning and collaborations with universities and hospitals around the world, and then extend our external expertise by sharing knowledge as a teaching organization.

Reaching out to Africa

Egypt is part of Africa; thus, the rest of the continent is important to Egypt, just as Egypt is important to the other African nations. Since 2012, we have initiated a collaboration with African countries with the objective of sharing and disseminating the knowledge and resources of CCHE, because there is a great need for pediatric oncology at the continent level. This comes as part of the initiative supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reach out to all our neighboring nations and the world at large. We collaborate and partner with major hospitals and academic institutions to train local and regional medical professionals to recognize cancers early, diagnose them accurately, and treat them effectively and compassionately.

Our capacity-building training

Training is the key to sustainability. Our goal is to ensure that every caregiver involved in pediatric cancer care, from diagnosis to final treatment, has the training they need to play their part in healing children and adolescents suffering from cancer. We are transferring our knowledge and expertise through twinning with different African hospitals and institutes in the fields of pediatric oncology and scientific research to help them improve their health care services for young cancer patients.

Our mission

A live learning journey to develop future generations and work towards better health care in the world by developing better practices and technologies for humanity through:

  • intellectual, social, and personalized transformative education and mentoring;

  • engaging global partners; and

  • pushing the boundaries of discovery, exposing new ideas, ways of understanding, and knowledge.

Medical programs

Pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship in partnership with Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School

Our 3-year fellowship program engages world-renowned hematologists and oncologists to provide on-site and online training to local specialists in pediatric oncology/hematology and palliative care, as well as a 3-month intensive rotation at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Hospital. Among our fellows are 2 Ethiopian fellows, 1 Kenyan fellow, and a Kuwaiti fellow, who joined last year.


We have trained >200 nurses from different African countries about intensive pediatric hematology/oncology nursing training pursuant to a curriculum based on approved international standards and learning needs assessments conducted during local site visits.

Clinical pharmacy

We have connected >60 clinical pharmacists at our partner institutions with off-site training programs designed to build knowledge and capability in drug literature evaluation, chemotherapy preparation, dosing of antibiotics, and pharmacotherapy. We also assist our partners in developing on-site oncology pharmacies and advocate with national governments on the need for and efficacy of pediatric cancer drugs.

Professional development programs

Following the core values of our foundation, we offer scholars a master’s degree in health care business administration in collaboration with the Arab Maritime Academy.

Also, in partnership with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control in the United States, we offer scholars an Association for Professionals in Infection Control–certified course to get updates in infection control. Lastly, in collaboration with the Joint Commission International, we offer scholars a certified program in health care.

African clinical pharmacist trainees.

African clinical pharmacist trainees.

African clinical pharmacist trainees.

African clinical pharmacist trainees.

Joint Commission international health care quality candidates.

Joint Commission international health care quality candidates.

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