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Supplemental Data

The main manuscript should contain adequate information to permit understanding and interpretation. Supplemental data may include additional figures, tables, materials and methods, or other items that add value to the manuscript, but are not necessary to understand the underlying research. Supplemental data should not be used to circumvent the word count or figure limits of a submission. Files that are not printable, such as videos or long gene sequences, must be submitted as supplemental files.

Supplemental data are evaluated as part of peer review; current, clearly labeled files must be included at every stage of review. Please do not include any supplemental material in your manuscript files. Supplemental files are uploaded separately from manuscript files.

When uploading supplemental data to the Blood submission system, please upload all supplemental data as a single PDF when possible, with content appearing in the following order:

  • Methods
  • Tables (with legends)
  • Figures (with legends)
  • Legends for videos or other separate supplemental files
  • Appendices (e.g., list of participants in a multi-center study)

Tables and figures in the supplemental PDF must be labeled as “supplemental”, as in “Supplemental Table 1” and ”Supplemental Figure 1.” Videos must be labeled as “Video 1;” videos should not be labeled as “movies.”

For files in formats that may be difficult or impossible to combine into PDF (e.g., Excel or video), we ask that you upload those files separately and include the legends or descriptions for those supplements in the PDF.

Video Formatting and Preparation

Videos may be uploaded in one of the following formats:
  • QuickTime (.mov)
  • Audio Video Interleave (.avi)
  • Windows Media (.wmv)

To avoid excessive delays for users accessing the files, please keep videos below 5 MB in size, normally running between 30 and 45 seconds in length. Cropping frames and image sizes can significantly reduce file sizes if necessary.

Publication of Supplements

For each supplemental file that was uploaded during submission with an answer of “Yes” regarding whether or not to publish the file online, the most recent version of that file will be published as it was uploaded or combined into a PDF if applicable. Supplemental data will be published alongside the article in Blood First Edition if possible, but delays may occur for articles that include multiple supplemental files.

Blood requires a publication fee of $105 for each standard data supplement accompanying an accepted paper. The fee is waived for invited articles.

For questions, contact
Joana Robertson
Senior Manager, Data Integrity
American Society of Hematology
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