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Subscriptions - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my institution has subscribed to Blood Online?

If your institution has a subscription, you will automatically have access to the entire site without having to sign in. You will also see a banner at the top of the page confirming that you are already signed in as part of an institution. If your institution has not subscribed, please contact your librarian.

My institution has a subscription to Blood Online, but I'm not able to see the full text of articles. I'm prompted for a user name and password. Why is this happening?
When this happens the IP address for your computer is not being recognized by our computer. If you are unable to access Blood Online from a valid workstation, this failure is caused by one of three things:

  • Your institutional subscription has not yet been activated.
  • The person who activated the online subscription did not enter all the IP addresses for your institution.
  • The person who activated the online subscription does not realize that some subnets of your institution are routed through a proxy server.

What should I do? - Talk to your librarian and let them know you are having trouble.

Will I receive a password? May I share my password with friends, or is use limited solely to me?

Only ASH Members and individual (non-member) subscribers will receive a password. Those accessing Blood Online through their institution's subscription will not receive a password. If you are an ASH Member or individual (non-member) subscriber, you will be asked to establish a user name and a password for personal use when activating your Blood Online account. You may not share this password with anyone. You are the only one licensed to use this user name and password.

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