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Race affects treatment outcomes in iTTP, 2022 ELN AML recommendations, and a comprehensive MRD assessment in MCL

In this week’s episode we’ll take a quick look at the latest European Leukemia Net recommendations for the diagnosis and management of acute myeloid leukemia. We’ll also describe a comprehensive analysis of a phase 3 trial indicating that MRD is a strong outcome predictor over the entire natural history of mantle cell lymphoma, setting the stage for potential risk stratification tools that may be suitable for MRD-guided treatment. We'll also look at a large US registry study demonstrating that black patients with idiopathic thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura had a shorter time to relapse and less response to rituximab compared to white patients. These findings suggest a potential need for closer monitoring, early retreatment, and alternative treatments.

Released September 22 , 2022

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The articles highlighted in this episode are listed below:

  • Race, rituximab, and relapse in TTP

    Authors: Shruti Chaturvedi, Ana G. Antun, Andrew M. Farland, Ryan Woods, Ara Metjian, Yara A. Park, Gustaaf de Ridder, Briana Gibson, Raj S. Kasthuri, Darla K. Liles, Frank Akwaa, Todd Clover, Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, J. Evan Sadler, Meera Sridharan, Ronald S. Go, Keith R. McCrae, Harsh Vardhan Upreti, Angela Liu, Ming Y. Lim, Radhika Gangaraju, X. Long Zheng, Jay S. Raval, Camila Masias, Spero R. Cataland, Andrew Johnson, Elizabeth Davis, Michael D. Evans, Marshall A. Mazepa, for the United States Thrombotic Microangiopathies Consortium

  • iTPP: nature vs nurture?

    Authors : Oladipo Cole, Allison A. King

  • Diagnosis and management of AML in adults: 2022 recommendations from an international expert panel on behalf of the ELN

    Authors : Hartmut Döhner, Andrew H. Wei, Frederick R. Appelbaum, Charles Craddock, Courtney D. DiNardo, Hervé Dombret, Benjamin L. Ebert, Pierre Fenaux, Lucy A. Godley, Robert P. Hasserjian, Richard A. Larson, Ross L. Levine, Yasushi Miyazaki, Dietger Niederwieser, Gert Ossenkoppele, Christoph Röllig, Jorge Sierra, Eytan M. Stein, Martin S. Tallman, Hwei-Fang Tien, Jianxiang Wang, Agnieszka Wierzbowska, Bob Löwenberg

  • How thinly can one slice the AML diagnostic pie?

    Author: Gary Schiller

  • Punctual and kinetic MRD analysis from the Fondazione Italiana Linfomi MCL0208 phase 3 trial in mantle cell lymphoma

    Authors: Simone Ferrero, Daniele Grimaldi, Elisa Genuardi, Daniela Drandi, Gian Maria Zaccaria, Beatrice Alessandria, Marco Ghislieri, Martina Ferrante, Andrea Evangelista, Barbara Mantoan, Gabriele De Luca, Piero Maria Stefani, Fabio Benedetti, Ivana Casaroli, Manuela Zanni, Claudia Castellino, Vincenzo Pavone, Mario Petrini, Francesca Re, Stefan Hohaus, Gerardo Musuraca, Nicola Cascavilla, Chiara Ghiggi, Anna Marina Liberati, Sergio Cortelazzo, Marco Ladetto

    Predicting the future in MCL with MRD

    Authors: P. Blombery, C. Y. Cheah

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