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Season 1, Episode 5

In this episode we’ll examine a new strategy to improve the durability of remission after CAR T-cell therapy for pediatric B cell leukemia, explore the genomic landscape of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphomas, and discuss a new report showing that the occurrence of arterial thrombotic events following the diagnosis of myeloproliferative neoplasms is associated with a significantly increased risk of a second cancer.

Published January 30, 2020

The articles highlighted in this episode are listed below:

  • Gene alterations in epigenetic modifiers and JAK-STAT signaling are frequent in breast implant–associated ALCL

    Authors: Camille Laurent, Alina Nicolae, Cécile Laurent, Fabien Le Bras, Corinne Haioun, Virginie Fataccioli, Nadia Amara, José Adélaïde, Arnaud Guille, Jean-Marc Schiano, Bruno Tesson, Alexandra Traverse-Glehen, Marie-Pierre Chenard, Lénaïg Mescam, Anne Moreau, Catherine Chassagne-Clement, Joan Somja, Frédéric Escudié, Marc André, Nadine Martin, Laetitia Lacroix, François Lemonnier, Anne-Sophie Hamy, Fabien Reyal, Marie Bannier, Lucie Oberic, Nais Prade, François-Xavier Frénois, Asma Beldi-Ferchiou, Marie-Helene Delfau-Larue, Reda Bouabdallah, Daniel Birnbaum, Pierre Brousset, Luc Xerri, Philippe Gaulard

  • Arterial thrombosis in Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms predicts second cancer. A casecontrol study

    Authors: Valerio De Stefano, Arianna Ghirardi, Arianna Masciulli, Alessandra Carobbio, Francesca Palandri, Nicola Vianelli, Elena Rossi, Silvia Betti, Ambra Di Veroli, Alessandra Iurlo, Daniele Cattaneo, Guido Finazzi, Massimiliano Bonifacio, Luigi Scaffidi, Andrea Patriarca, Elisa Rumi, Ilaria Carola Casetti, Clemency Stephenson, Paola Guglielmelli, Elena Maria Elli, Miroslava Palova, Davide Rapezzi, Daniel Erez, Montse Gomez, Kai Wille, Manuel Perez-Encinas, Francesca Lunghi, Anna Angona, Maria Laura Fox, Eloise Beggiato, Giulia Benevolo, Giuseppe Carli, Rossella Cacciola, Mary Frances McMullin, Alessia Tieghi, Valle Recasens, Susanne Isfort, Monia Marchetti, Martin Griesshammer, Alberto Alvarez-Larran, Alessandro Maria Vannucchi, Alessandro Rambaldi, Tiziano Barbui

  • Sequential CD19-22 CAR T therapy induces sustained remission in children with r/r B-ALL

    Authors:  Jing Pan, Shiyu Zuo, Biping Deng, Xiuwen Xu, Chuo Li, Qinlong Zheng, Zhuojun Ling, Weiliang Song, Jinlong Xu, Jiajia Duan, Zelin Wang, Xinjian Yu, Alex H. Chang, Xiaoming Feng, Chunrong Tong

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