In the article by George et al entitled “Detection of leukemic cells in the CD34+CD38 bone marrow progenitor population in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,” which appeared in the June 15, 2001, issue of Blood (Volume 97:3925-3930), the second and third sentences of the next-to-last paragraph should have read: “Of a total of 1.1 × 104FACS-sorted CD34+CD38 cells from 5 cord blood samples, 17 clones were analyzed and with the exception of a single clone, no Vδ2-Dδ3 rearrangements were found. Rearrangements were found with much greater frequency in the CD34+CD38dim and CD34+CD38+ fractions, and were possibly concomitant with lymphoid commitment as demonstrated by the expression of CD7 and CD19.”