Cell-cycle kinetics were measured in situ after infusions of iododeoxyuridine and/or bormodeoxyuridine in 50 patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and the median labeling index in bone marrow (BM) biopsy samples was 28.6%. Unfortunately, 26 of 50 patients showed that > or = 75% of hematopoietic cells of all three lineages were undergoing programmed cell death (PCD) in their biopsy samples as shown by the in situ end labeling (ISEL) technique. Ten patients had 1/3 and eight had 2/3 ISEL+ cells. Stromal cells were frequently ISEL+ and often S-phase cells were also found to be simultaneously ISEL+. Nucleosomal DNA fragments as a ladder in agarose gel were present in BM aspirates of four patients who showed high ISEL and were absent in two who had no ISEL staining in biopsy samples, but only when DNA was extracted after a 4-hour in vitro incubation in complete medium. Therefore, laddering data confirmed the ISEL findings that the majority of hematopoietic cells in MDS are in early stages of PCD. We conclude that extensive intramedullary cell death may explain the paradox of pancytopenia despite hypercellular marrows in MDS patients. Investigating approaches that protect against PCD in some MDS subsets would be of interest.

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