We investigated in vivo neutrophil and lymphocyte function in a patient who lacks Sialyl-Lewis-X, a ligand for the selectin family of leukocyte adhesion molecules (leukocyte adhesion deficiency II, LAD II). As assessed by skin chamber and skin window techniques, in vivo chemotaxis of neutrophils was markedly impaired (less than 6% of normal values). A marginal pool was present as determined by an increase in circulating neutrophils after epinephrine injection and calculated recovery of infused radiolabeled autologous neutrophils. Kinetic studies showed a reduced half-life of 3.2 hours (normal 7 hours) and markedly increased turnover rate (cells/kg/d) of approximately eight times the normal value. A normal antibody response to the T-cell-dependent antigen bacteriophage phi X174 showed that T/B-cell interaction is not affected in LAD II. These findings provide direct evidence that the selectin family and its ligands play an important role in neutrophil function.

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