We describe the establishment of two permanent Simian virus 40- transformed human stromal cell lines, designated L87/4 and L88/5, derived from the bone marrow of a hematologically normal male patient. Both cell lines show a fibroblastoid morphology and do not express hematopoietic cell markers. L87/4 but not L88/5 expresses the macrophage marker CD68. The most remarkable feature of these new stromal cell lines is their ability to persist as growth-arrested adherent feeder cells after ionizing-irradiation at doses up to, and exceeding 20 Gy (L87/4). This renders them particularly useful for studying aspects of feeder dependence of hematopoietic cell development in long-term culture. Both cell lines are able to function as feeder cells, supporting the long-term proliferation of CD34+ human cord blood cells as well as the clonogenic growth of the human Burkitt lymphoma B- cell line BL70.

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