The effects of rat stem-cell factor (SCF) and interleukin-3 (IL-3), alone or in combination, on the in vitro growth and serine proteinase expression of rat serosal/connective-tissue mast cells (CTMC) or bone marrow-derived mast cells (BMMC) were examined. Rat SCF stimulated the growth of both CTMC and BMMC. IL-3 stimulated BMMC growth to a lesser extent than did SCF, whereas CTMC numbers did not increase in IL-3. However, SCF and IL-3 had synergistic effects on the growth of both BMMC and CTMC. SCF favoured the maintenance of rat mast cell proteinase- I (RMCP-I) in CTMC, but did not induce detectable production of RMCP-I in BMMC. In contrast, when IL-3 or lymph node-conditioned medium (LNCM) was added to SCF, a subpopulation of CTMC expressed and stored the soluble proteinase RMCP-II. In BMMC, the RMCP-II content of cells maintained in SCF was significantly less than that of cells maintained in IL-3 or LNCM. RMCP-II also appeared in the supernatants of BMMC, especially when BMMC numbers were increasing rapidly in SCF with or without IL-3 or LNCM. Thus, SCF and IL-3 can regulate the growth of rat BMMC and CTMC, as well as influence their production and release of proteinases.

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