Intravenous enzyme replacement therapy (Alglucerase; Ceredase; Genzyme Corp, Boston, MA) is an effective and safe treatment for patients with type 1 Gaucher disease. In an attempt to reduce its high cost, a “low- dose high-frequency” protocol (30 U/kg/mo, 3 times a week) was introduced and found to be as effective as the original high-dose protocol (60 U/kg every 2 weeks). Because receiving frequent infusions creates a burden for many patients, we have implemented a program of home treatment for our patients. We now report the safety and feasibility of low-dose/high-frequency home intravenous enzyme- replacement therapy in 33 patients with Gaucher disease. The chronic nature of the treatment, its safety, lack of adverse effects, the stable condition of most patients, and the need to reduce the high cost make enzyme replacement for Gaucher disease a good candidate for intravenous home therapy.

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