The AML1 gene was rearranged in leukemic cells with t(8;21)(q22;q22) or its variant, complex t(8;V;21) translocations from 33 acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. The AML1 rearrangement was also detected in three AML patients without t(8;21); two had a normal diploid karyotype, and one had a karyotype of 45,X, - X. The AML1 rearrangement in the t(8;21) breakpoint cluster region was not detected in leukemic cells with cytogenetic abnormalities other than t(8;21), or with normal diploidy obtained from 23 AML patients. Because leukemic cells of the five patients with complex t(8;V;21) translocations had a der(8)t(8;21) chromosome with a break in band 8q22 in common, the juxtaposition of the 5' side of AML1 to a predicted counterpart gene located in the breakpoint region of 8q22 may be an essential step in the leukemogenesis of AML with t(8;21). Our findings show that the 8;21 translocation, its variants, and the masked t(8;21) may all be detectable by the Southern hybridization method using the AML1 probes.

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