The radiation sensitivity of primary clonogenic blasts from 27 children with immunologically classified CD2-CD5-CD7-CD19+slg- B-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) was analyzed using leukemic progenitor cell (LPC) colony assays. Radiation survival curves of primary clonogenic blasts (ie, LPC) were constructed for each patient using computer programs for the single-hit multitarget as well as the linear quadratic models of cell survival. The D0 values ranged from 49 to 891 cGy (median, 239 cGy; mean +/- SE, 307 +/- 44 cGy) and the alpha values ranged from 0.000 to 2.047 Gy-1 (median, 0.156 Gy-1; mean +/- SE, 0.284 +/- 0.078 Gy-1). Patients were divided into groups according to sex, age, white blood cell count (WBC) at diagnosis, plating efficiency of primary bone marrow blasts, and immunophenotype. Patient sex, age, WBC at diagnosis, or in vitro plating efficiency was not associated with radiation resistance. Notably, freshly isolated primary clonogenic blasts from patients with a CD19+CD24-CD34+ composite immunophenotype (stage I B-cell precursor [BCP]) had 2.2-fold higher D0 values (P = .005) and 3.4-fold lower alpha values (P = .05) than those from patients with a CD19+CD24+CD34+ (stage II BCP) or CD19+CD24+CD34- (stage III BCP) immunophenotype. The relative values for CD24- primary clonogenic blasts signify greater intrinsic radiation resistance. Furthermore, the CD19+CD24-CD34+ immunophenotype had a larger radiation resistant fraction. Whereas only 60% of CD19+CD24+CD34+ and 33% of CD19+CD24+CD34- cases had clonogenic blasts with alpha < or = 0.2, 100% of CD19+CD24-CD34+ cases had clonogenic blasts with alpha < or = 0.2. Furthermore, clonogenic blasts from established CD19+CD24- B-lineage ALL cell lines were significantly more radiation resistant than CD19+CD24+ B-lineage ALL cell lines. Notably, radiation doses sufficient to induce apoptosis of CD24- B-lineage ALL cells were higher than those capable of inducing apoptosis in CD24+ B-lineage ALL cells. Thus, the lack of CD24 surface antigen expression in B-lineage ALL is associated with intrinsic radiation resistance at the level of primary clonogenic blasts.

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