Using the technique of differential cDNA library screening, we have molecularly cloned a gene that is highly expressed in an undifferentiated myeloid multipotent and growth factor-dependent stem cell line (FDCP-Mix) and that downregulates as these cells are induced to differentiate along monocytic, granulocytic, and erythroid cell lineages. Sequence analysis of this gene has shown homology with a previously cloned gene, cytotoxic cell protease 1 (CCP1 or Granzyme ‘B’), that has been shown to be expressed only in thymocytes, activated T cells, a mast cell line, and peritoneal exudate leukocytes. In situ hybridization, Northern blot analysis, and nuclear run-off assay has confirmed that expression of CCP1 is restricted to the phenotypically primitive multipotent undifferentiated. FDCP-Mix cells that are undergoing self-renewal in the presence of growth factors such as interleukin-3.

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