Therapeutic preparations of polyspecific IgG obtained from plasma pools of a large number of normal donors (IVIg) express anti-idiotypic activity against a wide spectrum of natural and disease-associated autoantibodies. The present study investigated the origin of anti- idiotypic activity against autoantibodies to factor VIII. The neutralizing activity of pools of IgG against patients' anti-factor VIII autoantibodies was not influenced by the presence of individuals with natural anti-factor VIII antibodies among donors contributing to the pool. A higher frequency of neutralizing antibodies against anti- factor VIII autoantibodies was found in aged donors as compared with young adults and in pools of IgG from multiparous women as compared with IgG from random donors. Pooling IgG from several donors synergistically enhanced the inhibitory activity of the pools. Thus, a neutralizing activity against anti-factor VIII autoantibodies was detected in pools of IgG of as few as two to four donors of whom individually tested IgG did not exhibit inhibitory activity against anti-factor VIII autoantibodies. These observations suggest that aged donors and multiparous women may be privileged sources for the anti- idiotypic activity of IVIg against autoantibodies and emphasize that the expression of anti-idiotypic activity in IVIg results from a synergistic participation of anti-idiotypes from each donor contributing to the pool.

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