IgM antibody against hepatitis C virus (IgM anti-HCV) was measured in serial samples from 15 transfusion recipients in whom posttransfusion chronic non-A, non-B hepatitis (NANBH) developed and three plasmapheresis donors during acute HCV infection using recombinant proteins derived from three immunodominant regions: core, NS-3, and NS- 4 (c100). IgM anti-HCV core was detected in 13 of 15 posttransfusion patients. Nine of these patients had transient, acute-phase IgM anti- HCV core detected coincidentally or earlier than active IgG anti-HCV core response. The average duration of IgM anti-HCV core reactivity was 8.1 +/- 3.7 weeks. One patient lacking an IgM anti-HCV core response had detectable IgM anti-HCV NS-3 during the acute phase. Passive transfer of IgM anti-HCV was not observed in these posttransfusion cases, in contrast to the high frequency observed for IgG anti-HCV. Late IgM anti-HCV was detectable against core, c100, and NS-3 in three, two, and one posttransfusion patients, respectively. These data indicate that IgM anti-HCV core is a useful acute-phase marker in HCV infection.

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