Monoclonal antibodies were raised after injecting mice with isolated human dense granules. Several of these monoclonals were found to recognize a 40-Kd dense granule membrane protein. Western blot and immunofluorescent analysis confirmed the dense-granule specificity. After thrombin activation, the protein was found in patches on the external platelet membrane. By Western blot and slot blot analysis, the protein was found to be markedly deficient in a patient with the Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome. Studies of neutrophils and endothelial cells show the presence of immunologically related granule-membrane protein(s). Western blots using four anti-synaptophysin antibodies and three antibodies to the platelet 40-Kd protein suggest that the protein may share some homology with, but is not identical to, the synaptosomal membrane protein synaptophysin.

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