Ten dogs were given 9.2 Gy of total body irradiation and autologous bone marrow infusion followed by ten daily transfusions of leukocytes for a total of 11.5 to 36.2 (median, 18.8) x 10(8)/kg obtained via leukapheresis from histoincompatible unrelated donors. Four dogs were given unirradiated leukocytes, and all developed graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). In contrast, only two of three dogs given leukocytes irradiated with 20 mJ/cm2 of ultraviolet (UV) light (200 to 300 nm), and none of three dogs given leukocytes irradiated with 1,000 mJ/cm2 developed GVHD. These data indicate that UV irradiation abrogates the alloreactive potential of transfused leukocytes, and suggest that UV irradiation can be used to prevent the development of transfusion- induced GVHD.

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