The t(11;14)(q13;q32) translocation is associated with human B- lymphocytic malignancy. This translocation divides the IgH locus on chromosome 14q32 and may activate a postulated proto-oncogene, bcl–1, located on chromosome 11q13. Two samples of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with the t(11;14)(q32;q13) translocation were studied. The break in one sample was shown to join Jh sequences with the previously described bcl–1 major translocation cluster. DNA blots of the second sample suggested that Jh sequences were joined to a different breakpoint region on chromosome 11. This translocation was cloned and found to link the human Jh3 region and a new breakpoint region 63 kb telomeric of the major translocation cluster. This translocation occurred in part as the result of an aberrant D-J recombination. Recurrent translocations human B-lymphocytic malignancy. The definition of a new breakpoint region may aid the identification of the postulated bcl–1 gene.

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