We have determined the nucleotide sequence of the 2,360-bp long EcoRI fragment from four chromosomes; this fragment is located 3′ to the A gamma globin gene and is considered to contain the enhancer element identified by Bodine and Ley. The chromosomes were from an Arabian sickle cell anemia patient with high Hb F and a homozygosity for haplotype No 31 and from a black sickle cell anemia patient with low Hb F and a homozygosity for haplotype No 19. A third chromosome carried the determinant for a nondeletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin seen in a Chinese subject, and the fourth was a normal chromosome from a Yugoslavian subject. Twenty-one differences were observed when a comparison was made with the published sequence; no differences were seen between the sequences of the four different samples except for an additional mutation in the Chinese. These data make it unlikely that specific mutations within this sequence are associated with increases in G gamma and A gamma production.

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