A detailed immunohistologic and cytogenetic analysis of 12 cases of intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma was performed. The characteristic immunophenotype of intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma was: surface IgM and IgD+, BA1+, B1+, BA2-, B2-, B4+, Leu 14+, Leu 1+, HLA-DR+, and common acute lymphocytic leukemia associated (CALLA) antigen negative. Clonal chromosome abnormalities were identified in ten cases, with structural or numerical abnormalities of chromosomes 11 or 12 in nine cases. Five cases had structural abnormalities involving the long arm of chromosome 11; three of these had translocations with chromosome 14 at band q32. Three cases had trisomy 12, and one case had a translocation involving the long arm of chromosome 12. The tenth case had a translocation involving the long arms of chromosomes 7 and 9. These characteristic immunophenotypic and cytogenetic findings suggest a close lineage relationship between intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma and small lymphocytic (well differentiated) lymphoma/chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Their differing clinical, cytologic, and architectural features suggest, however, that intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma should be considered a separate category of lymphocytic lymphoma in the International Working Formulation.

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