A new Philadelphia chromosome (Ph1)-positive cell line, designated TOM- 1, was derived from bone marrow cells of a patient with Ph1-positive acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). The TOM-1 cells were positive for Ia and B1 antigens and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) but negative for common ALL antigen. Although neither surface Ig nor cytoplasmic Ig was detected, the TOM-1 cells contained rearranged immunoglobulin-H chain genes but retained germ-line kappa chain and germ-line T cell receptor beta-chain genes. These results indicate that the TOM-1 cells reside as the progenitor of pre-B cells. We have investigated the chromosome 22 breakpoint and c-abl gene expression in the TOM-1 cells. We found that the breakpoint on chromosome 22 was within the breakpoint cluster region (bcr) in the TOM-1 cells. We also found the breakpoints within or near bcr in four of six Ph1-positive ALL cases, similar to the findings in Ph1-positive CML cases. Amplification of the c-abl gene was not detected in the TOM-1 cells. The leukemic cells isolated from a patient with CML in myeloid crisis contained a novel 8-kilobase (kb) abl-related messenger RNA (mRNA), but the TOM-1 cells contained c-abl transcripts of only normal sizes, despite the fact that they showed the bcr gene rearrangement.

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