Purified human factor VIII procoagulant protein (VIII:C) was treated with purified human activated protein C (APC) and the loss of VIII:C activity correlated with proteolysis of the VIII:C polypeptides. APC proteolyzed all VIII:C polypeptides with mol wt = 92,000 or greater, but not the doublet at mol wt = 79–80,000. These results and our previous thrombin activation studies of purified VIII:C, are analogous with similar studies of factor V and form the basis for the following hypothesis: activated VIII:C consists of heavy and light chain polypeptides [mol wt = 92,000 and mol wt = 79–80,000 (or 71–72,000), respectively] which are similar in Mr to the heavy and light chains of activated factor V. Thrombin activates VIII:C and V by generating these polypeptide chains from larger precursors and APC inactivates both molecules by cleavage at a site located in the heavy chain region of activated VIII:C and V.

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