Monoclonal antibody OKT11 was found to compete with sheep red blood cells for binding sites on human lymphocytes. Preincubation of lymphocytes with OKT11 eliminated E-rosette formation. In a study of 142 peripheral blood samples ranging from 1% to over 90% E-rosette- positive cells, comparison to the percent OKT11-positive cells yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.93. In normal donors, subsets of OKT11+ cells were identified using two-color immunofluorescent staining methods with OKT3, OKT4, and OKT8. On the average, approximately 13% of OKT11+ lymphocytes were OKT3- and 13% of OKT11+ lymphocytes were OKT4- and OKT8-. Based on our double antibody fluorescence intensity data, low antigen density OKT11+ lymphocytes were OKT3-. OKT4+ and OKT8+ lymphocytes in normal peripheral lymphocytes have similar OKT11 antigen density.

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