Levels of glycosylated hemoglobins (GHb) are significantly (p less than 0.0005) lower in patients with hemolytic anemia (n = 20; mean = 3.9% +/- 0.1% SD GHb of total Hb) compared to patients with nonhemolytic anemia (n = 20; mean = 7.0% +/- 0.7% GHb) and normal controls (n = 30; mean = 6.7% +/- 0.7% GHb). A curvilinear correlation between GHb and red cell survival is demonstrable (n = 20;r2 = 0.88; p less than 0.001). Determination of GHb may be useful as a screening test for hemolytic anemia and for the evaluation of the degree of hemolysis, provided that diabetes mellitus can be excluded.

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