Fourteen individuals with severe hemophilia complicated by factor VIII inhibitors (1 to 132 Bethesda Units) were treated for 33 bleeding episodes with a new activated prothrombin complex concentrate, Anti- Inhibitor Coagulant Complex (Autoplex, Hyland, Glendale, Calif.). Excellent or good results were observed in 21 of 25 minor bleeding episodes treated, which included joint, soft tissue, and mucous membrane hemorrhages. Eight major bleeding problems (an epidural bleed, a puncture wound, 2 serious soft tissue hemorrhages, 2 lacerations, and 2 major surgical procedures) were treated with excellent (6) or good (2) results. No serious complications were encountered, but two children developed transient hypofibrinogenemia following Autoplex infusion. Although some shortening of the prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time was noted after infusion of Autoplex, there is no useful laboratory test for monitoring therapy. Despite the unknown mechanism of action for bypassing factor VIII, Autoplex appears to be a useful and needed interim product and is safe and effective. In view of the possible potentiation of thrombosis concurrent use of fibrinolytic inhibitors should be avoided.

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