A method for radiolabeling platelets in vivo was developed in which 3H- arginine was injected into the bone marrow of normal dogs. On the third day after injection, a maximum of 6%--7% of the radioactivity had been incorporated into the total platelet mass. This method of isotope administration resulted in a 50--60-fold increase in maximum uptake of radiolabel by platelets, as compared to values obtained by others using intravenous injections of various radioactive compounds. Tritium- labeled platelets were harvested from the animals and then were washed to remove unbound 3H-arginine. On polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis 7 labeled protein bands, with molecular weights ranging from 29,000to 132,000, were obtained from the platelet-soluble fraction. One 3H- containing protein with a molecular weight of 81,000 was identified immunologically and enzymatically as platelet factor XIII.

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