Patients with diffuse lymphoblastic lymphoma (which includes convoluted lymphocytic lymphoma) with mediastinal involvement have predictable progression of disease to a leukemic phase that is cytologically indistinguishable from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Therefore we treated 12 patients with diffuse lymphoblastic lymphoma involving the mediastinum with therapy that is effective in ALL. Treatment consisted of intermittent combination chemotherapy with adriamycin and preventive central nervous system therapy (craniocervical irradiation and intrathecal methotrexate). Mediastinal irradiation was given either for initial respiratory distress or to patients who had incomplete regression of disease following induction chemotherapy. Eleven patients achieve complete remission. With a median follow-up of 41 mo, and using life table analysis, 86% of these patients have remained in continuous complete remission. The results of this study demonstrate the efficacy of treating diffuse lymphoblastic lymphoma with mediastinal presentation as a disseminated lymphoid malignancy.

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