Studies were performed to determine the effects of partial hepatectomy on extra-renal erythropoietin production. Rats were either partially hepatectomized or sham operated. At intervals of from 5 min to 7 days afterward, both kidneys were removed from cohorts of the above two groups of rats and the animals were then exposed to hypoxia for 7.5 hr. Immediately afterward, their plasma was collected and its erythropoietin titer was assayed. Rats which were partially hepatectomized 2–4 days prior to nephrectomy and hypoxia had significantly higher plasma erythropoietin levels than did sham- operated controls, whereas rats hepatectomized 5 min, 1 day, or 7 days prior to nephrectomy and hypoxia did not. These data are consistent with the conclusion that extrarenal erythropoietin production is enhanced in association with rapid regeneration of hepatic cells.

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