Platelet transfusions from donors selectively mismatched for cross- reactive and certain non-cross-reactive HLA antigens were found to be more effective in HLA-A2 negative than in HLA-A2 positive, alloimmunized thrombocytopenic patients. The two groups of patients responded equally well to platelets matched for antigens of the HLA-A and B loci. Certain alloimmunized patients negative for HLA-A2 continued to respond satisfactorily to platelets selectively mismatched for non-cross-reactive HLA antigens as long as platelets containing HLA- A2 were avoided. The data indicate that platelet transfusion support can be provided within a broader range of donor-recipient HLA antigenic disparity to HLA-A2 negative alloimmunized patients than to those who are positive for this antigen.

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