Antisera were produced against guinea pig and mouse blood platelets, guinea pig and mouse spleen, mouse bone marrow, spleen, marrow plus spleen ("antireticulocytotoxic" serum), aqueous fraction of guinea pig adipose tissue rich in nonmuscular blood vessels, guinea pig choroid plexi rich in capillaries, whole guinea pig blood vessels, guinea pig smooth muscle, whole guinea pig blood vessel antiserum absorbed with guinea pig smooth muscle, and dog vascular endothelium.

In all cases except the last named there were positive agglutinin and/or complement fixation titers, which were slightly enhanced anamnestically by whole adrenal cortical extract, but not by "Lipoadrenal" extract presumably high in "carbohydrate" factor.

In no case was there a nonthrombocytopenic vascular purpura produced in vivo except by the anti-vascular endothelium serum.

These preliminary observations are considered to confirm and extend observations made in previous reports in Japanese language periodicals, which are reviewed.

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