1. A method is described for the treatment of patients with erythroblastosis fetalis by the transfusion of compatible sedimented red cells from bank blood.

2. The case histories of 28 patients with erythroblastosis fetalis, treated by this method, have been analyzed. Three, or 10.7 per cent, of the patients died. This mortality rate compares favorably with other reports in which exchange transfusion was the therapeutic procedure.

3. The transfusion of sedimented red cells in 50-60 cc. amounts is sufficient to cause an adequate rise in the hemoglobin values with a minimum of load on the infant’s circulation.

4. This method, in contrast to that of exchange transfusion, has the advantage of reducing the administration of plasma to a minimum, thereby preventing further hemolysis of the infant’s red cells by enhancing the agglutinin titer. In addition, excessive amounts of extraneous substances such as sodium citrate are not given.

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