Prolonged mean template bleeding time of 14 min observed in seven cattle with the Chediak-Higashi syndrome (CHS) prompted the examination of platelet function in these animals. There was no distinguishable difference in concentration of circulating platelets between CHS and control cattle. CHS bovine platelets failed to aggregate in vitro in response to concentrations of acid-soluble collagen which induced aggregation in all normal samples. The primary platelet response to 5 muM ADP was normal in CHS cattle. A markedly decreased amount of serotonin (1.2% of normal) was detected in CHS bovine platelets. Bovine CHS platelet ATP and ADP contents were significantly less than normal, and the ATP/ADP ratios were 5.04 in normal and 29.38 in CHS platelets. Results of these animal investigations prompted a similar study of two patients with CHS. In humans, an increased bleeding time greater than 15 min and an in vitro impaired aggregation response to acid-soluble collagen and 5 muM adrenaline were discovered. Both ATP and ADP were reduced in CHS human platelets, and the ATP/ADP ratio was 3.96, compared to a ratio of 1.52 for platelets of two normal subjects. These findings suggested the presence of a “storage pool disease” of CHS platelets.

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