1. Blood from varicose veins was compared with cubital vein blood in 20 patients in order to determine whether or not the degree of stasis present in varicose veins would increase red cell fragility. Corollary studies consisted of comparative determinations of red cells, hemoglobin, packed cell volume, white blood cells, platelets and serum proteins.

2. There was no increase in red cell fragility in the varicose vein specimen, indicating that the theory that minor degrees of intravascular erythrostasis contribute substantially to some of the hemolytic anemias is untenable.

3. There was a small but statistically significant elevation in red cells per cu. mm. in varicose vein blood as compared with blood from cubital veins. There was a suggestive, but not significant, increase in packed cell volume and serum protein in the varicose vein samples. The evidence indicates a mild degree of hemoconcentration.

4. White cells, platelets and hemoglobin determinations were found to have the same values in varicose vein blood as in blood from the cubital vein.

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