Neither diagnostically significant features nor consistent abnormalities of other character were demonstrated in the specimens of sternal marrow obtained in 15 cases of Hodgkin’s disease. With improvements in technic, particularly in patients presenting clinical evidence of bone or bone marrow involvement, the procedure might become more valuable.

As an aid in diagnosis in cases of obscure malignant lymphoma, sternal aspiration is likely to prove of greatest value in cases of lymphosarcoma. In 7 of 10 proved cases, abnormal lymphocytic cell types were encountered and in 3 instances bone marrow infiltrations were demonstrated in fixed section preparations. The latter were felt to be diagnostic of lymphosarcoma.

In 2 cases of follicular lymphoma the specimens of sternal marrow presented no striking abnormalities. However, because of the apparently close relationship which this disease bears to lymphosarcoma it is felt that study of a larger number of cases may prove the procedure of some diagnostic value.

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