1. The results of urethane therapy in 24 cases of leukemia are described.

2. The average daily dose is 4 Gm. orally or intravenously.

3. The drug is irregularly effective. Chronic myelogenous leukemia appears more responsive than the lymphatic variety.

4. Acute leukemias are not significantly altered in course by urethane.

5. Urethane produces a fall in the total leukocyte count in a majority of all types of leukemia. Clinical improvement does not necessarily follow.

6. Nausea is the most frequent side effect of urethane therapy. Possible marrow aplasia is the most dangerous toxic effect.

7. Urethane is of definite, but of limited value in the treatment of chronic leukemia. In some instances, it compares favorably with x-ray therapy, but in general, it is less dependable, particularly in its frequent failure to induce optimum return of normal red cell and platelet values, and optimum regression of organ infiltration.

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