1. Five patients who died as a result of a variety of diseases, all characterized by severe anemia for which numerous transfusions had been given, and all of whom developed features of hemochromatosis are presented.

2. Eight similar cases found in the literature are summarized.

3. It is postulated that the hemochromatosis developing in these patients is the end result of the deposition and subsequently irritating action of the excess amounts of iron in the parenchymatous tissues.

4. The underlying anemia and the not infrequent transfusion reactions are thought to act as predisposing factors for the development of exogenous hemochromatosis.

5. The name Exogenous Hemochromatosis is proposed for this syndrome.

6. The clinical similarities and dissimilarities and the differences in pathogenesis between exogenous and endogenous hemochromatosis are discussed.

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