Peritoneal exudate neutrophils collected from mink and cattle with and without the Chediak-Higashi syndrome were compared using various criteria. No significant differences were found in the motility, phagocytic capacity, or bactericidal action of C-HS neutrophils when compared to those from normal animals.

There was no significant difference in the amount of bactericidal cationic proteins, acid phosphatase, cathepsin and β-glucuronidase in leukocytes from C-HS and normal mink and cattle.

The abnormally enlarged granules in neutrophils from C-HS animals did not lyse following phagocytosis of bacteria.

The amount of lysozyme present was the same in C-HS and normal mink polymorphonuclear leukocytes. No lysozyme was detectable in cattle neutrophils, but they killed bacteria as well as mink neutrophils.

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