Two abnormal minor hemoglobin components have been detected in the blood of a healthy Negro male. One component which was identified as the δ-chain abnormality Hb-A2' was inherited from the mother, whereas the second component, being identical with Hb-FlatbushGa, was inherited from the father. The complete absence of Hb-A2 in this individual definitely establishes the relationship of allelism between Hb-A2 and Hb-FlatbushGa. Hb-FlatbushGa, therefore, is the second hemoglobin abnormality for which indirect proof for allelism with Hb-A2 has been obtained; the discovery of three homozygous carriers of Hb-A2' (2 of these cases have been mentioned before,4 showing complete absence of Hb-A2) already established a similar relationship between Hb-A2 and Hb-A2'.

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