Dameshek, W., Necheles, T. F., Finkel, H. E., and Allen, D. M.: Therapy of acute leukemia, 1965. Blood 26(2):220, 1965.

In the August 1965 issue of Blood, a line of type was inadvertently omitted and a line repeated in the editorial, "Therapy of Acute Leukemia, 1965." The second paragraph of the editorial (p. 220) should read:

Following the introduction of the folic acid antagonists, corticosteroids and 6-mercaptopurine, there occurred an hiatus during which, although many agents were tested, little progress was made. Comparatively recently, the chemotherapy of acute leukemia has again advanced, this time in two directions. One has been the introduction of other effective antileukemic agents; the other parallels recent developments in the use of antibiotics, and might be termed "new ways with old drugs." An excellent review by Freireich and Frei of some of these advances has recently appeared.1

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